Rules and Tournament Format

Tournament Rules and Format

WYSA Summer Heat Tournament Rules and Format – 2017

A round robin format will be used throughout the tournament where possible. Each age group will be divided into the following groups based on rankings. This may mean your team is moved up or down in ages. This may also mean you are in a division with stronger or weaker teams.

4 Teams per group: After a round robin where each team plays the other teams, the two teams having the most points will advance to a final match to determine winner and runner-up. The bottom two teams will play a final match to determine 3rd and 4th positions. U12 and under groupings do not have standings kept and will play each team in their group, and one cross over or a second game within their group.

5 Teams per group: Teams will play each other once. The team having the most points at the end of the round robin will be declared winner. The team having next highest point total will be declared runner up. U12 and under groups do not have standings kept and will play each team once in their division.

6 Teams per group: Teams will be split into 2 divisions, and play each other in their own bracket with one cross over game. Teams will then play same placed team in opposite bracket. (i.e. 1st Bracket A plays 1st Bracket B for gold and silver, 2nd Bracket A plays 2nd Bracket B for 3rd and 4th place, 3rd Bracket A plays 3rd Bracket B for 5th and 6th place). U12 and under groups do not have standings kept.

7 games per group: Teams will play a random selection of 4 teams and the top two in points will be declared winner and runner-up. U12 and under groups do not have standings kept and will play 4 random teams in their division.
Game MVP

Each team will receive 4 MVP awards to be handed out to the opposing team.
Tournament Champions

Group Medals

Medals will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each division except for U12 and under which will be using a jamboree format as per BC Soccer and following the LTPD model. The medals will be presented immediately following the final game for each qualifying team. A trophy will be presented to the top team in each U13-U18 grouping for photo opportunities; the trophy will stay with the WYSA club and have the team name engraved for future reference. 


U12 and under teams are to have a maximum of sixteen (16) players. For U13 and up, team rosters are to consist of a maximum eighteen (18) players. Players are not to be from a higher age group (unless authorized by the Tournament Directors in writing prior to the tournament). Should you play an ineligible or an unlisted player, your team will automatically default. A copy of your team roster is to be submitted to tournament headquarters prior to the tournament. Identification and proof of age may be requested. No player may compete for more than one team during the tournament. Teams wishing to switch player numbers are required to notify tournament headquarters prior to game time.

Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeit of the game. Failure to comply with the Tournament Rules as outlined in this document could result in immediate expulsion from the tournament without refund or appeal.

Team Colours

The first team listed on the schedule in any game shall be the home team. In case of a colour conflict, the home team shall be required to change colours. Ask Field Marshal if pinnies are available.


Unlimited substitutions will be allowed. No substitutions may take place without permission from the referee. The player being substituted in must not enter the field of play until the player leaving the game is off the field. All substitutions must be made at the half way mark. Substitutions may take place prior to any restart of the game including throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, kick-offs, start of the second half, or to replace an injured player.

No team official or representative is to enter the field of play unless requested by the referee.

Players per side

U11-U12 plays 8 players per side including a goalie, U10 and under play 7v7 and  U13+ play 11 players per side including a goalie.

Game Ball

Tournament organizers will supply a game ball for each game throughout the Tournament. They are to be returned to the referee after each game.

Please note that U11 and U12 groupings will use size 4 balls, U10 will use size 3 and U13+ will use size 5. If you are playing up your team will be expected to use the appropriate sized ball for the grouping.

Game Duration

All teams must be at the field 20 minutes before game time. There will be only a five-minute grace period from the scheduled start time. The late team shall forfeit the game. Games shall end at the referees whistle.

All Games – 2 halves of 30 minutes each with a 5 minute break at half time. At the Referee’s discretion they can call a 2 minute water break half way thru each half.

Overtime and Penalty Kicks

There is no extra time during round robin play and tied games must go straight to penalty kicks.

Standings Calculations

Point Scoring

6 points for a win
3 for a tie in regulation time (the winner will receive another 3 points for the win for a total of 6)
1 for a shutout/clean sheet (0-0 score does not receive points for a clean sheet)
1 point for each goal to a maximum of 3
A default (no show) is calculated as 3-0 for the winning team.
Determining Finalists and Round Robin winners

Finalists are determined by points. In the event of a tie in standings, the following order will be used to break the tie.

Head to head results
Goal Differential (Max 3 per game)
Goals For (Max 3)
Goals Against (Max 3)
Penalty Shootout
Coin Flip

Deciding Final Games

Games tied after regulation in a playoff round, will play two 5 minute halves, if still tied will progress to shootouts as per FIFA regulations. Only players on the field (including keeper) are allowed to shoot during shootout.

Defaulting Games

If a team defaults a game for any reason, the game result will be recorded as a 3-0 win for the opposing team.

The decision of the referee is final. No abuse, verbal or physical, will be tolerated. This applies to players, team officials, and team supporters inclusive. Coaches will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this directive, by their players, team representatives, and team supporters. Violation of this directive will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament without appeal. Due to the nature of tournament play, no appeals regarding the referee or assistant referees will be allowed. Every effort will be made to supply competent referees and assistant referees for all games.

All appeals must be in writing and presented along with a $100 fee in cash, to the Field Marshal within one (1) hour of the completion of the game in question. The fee will be forfeited if the appeal is not upheld. No appeal will be accepted without the fee. Compliments can be made at no cost.


A red card or two yellows in a single game issued to a player or coach expulsion results in suspension for balance of game and one additional game. Three yellows to a player during tournament results in player being suspended for following game. Any red cards or coach expulsion received in your game will be reported to the Tournament Discipline Committee for consideration. Depending on the severity of the infraction, further penalties may be applied including expulsion of that player/coach from the Tournament. The incident will also be reported to your District Discipline Committee as required by BC Soccer Association.

Any team receiving two red cards may be suspended from the tournament at the sole discretion of the Discipline Committee.

Any situation not covered by the above shall be covered by Fair Play rules from BC Soccer Association at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director(s).